Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Now you can follow us on twitter.

Visit KICKSTARTER today to donate. Every dollar counts. We are hoping to raise close to $326 a day.

We just wanted to thank everyone so far for helping out. we've got some upcoming events that we want to let people know about so they can help spread the word & let people know there are many ways to contribute.
  • October 10 , Clementine Restaurant is having a spaghetti dinner where all proceeds will go to help our projects .
  • October 16 , Baltimore Tattoo Museum is having an all day ink-a-thon! All proceeds go to the Hamilton Crop Circle.
  • October 23,  Chameleon Cafe is doing a 7 course, 7 farm, all local benefit dinner. All proceeds will go to our KICKSTARTER Campaign!
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Follow us on Twitter: Arthur_HCC

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Help Support our project on Kickstarter!

We are raising funds to support our farming efforts in Baltimore!
We need your help to grow! Please check out our project on Kickstarter.com
Help spread the word anyway you can!!

Click here to go to our project page and watch the video!

What we have been up to!!