Monday, May 24, 2010

About Hamilton Crop Circle

Provide fresh organic produce to local businesses, and integrate young people into the sustainable practices related to growing organic produce to promote a peaceful lifestyle.
The Hamilton crop circle is a group of local volunteers who have come together to help their community discover the benefits of growing fresh local organic produce. As the relationship between the group and the community continued to grow, so did their awareness of the benefits of living a more local sustainable life. It became apparent that living a healthy happy lifestyle had many natural benefits that many in the community had not yet experienced. In order to assist those in need, the crop circle started sharing food with other members of the community besides its volunteers. Local restaurants became interested in purchasing the fresh locally grown organic produce for their valued customers. More opportunities emerged to engage the community in the garden initiatives. A local community school was looking for an organization to partner with that would allow the teachers, the students and the staff to become more involved in what was happening in this community. Having a community garden on the school grounds has had a tremendous positive benefit already, and the energy that is surrounding this project is immeasurable. The students along with all of those who are involved are greatly looking forward to working together in the future to show the benefits that gardening can have at every level of our community. The potential for the students to learn about the benefits of working with local businesses and other groups in the community are endless. As we continue to grow we will always be thankful for the opportunity to work together and grow together in order to live a peaceful life.


gringola23 said...

I just joined your list of followers. My wife Amy and I (my name is Andy) just moved into Hamilton and are eager to get involved. My email is

If you could send me some info about getting involved with the Crop Circle, that would be great!

Anonymous said...

A) How do I vote for you?
B) I would like to volunteer; do you have to live in Hamilton ( I live nearby in Northwood 3 blocks west of Morgan).

Caveat: I'm disabled and not worth much physically, but I can make phone calls, sort seeds, pot up stuff or anything I can do sitting at a table. I'm free most days of the week, and would like to give one day a week. Oh, I can also write press releases and other minor PR stuff.

If you can use me, email me

Macaroni said...

I have never read or commented on a blog before so I'm not sure what I'm doing. I read about Hamilton Crop Circle and Arthur Morgan's volunteering in the Sun today. I have a large back yard in Lauraville which has not seen fertilizer in the 12+ years I've lived here. I am not a gardener but would love to have others put it to productive use. Please contact me at if there is someway this would be helpful to you.

Victoria said...

My name is Victoria. I currently live in Ellicott City and have a dream of opening a center for Arts and Agriculture in an area where people are lacking the resources. I envision many things and one of them is an urban farming piece with a permaculture/organic basis. I am trying right now to educate myself as much as possible and think your organization is right up my alley. In a few weeks I will be open to volunteer/intern 1 full day each week. I have a little knowledge of gardening/community organizing and am enthusiastic to build on it. My email is and if you email me I can provide my phone number. I hope to hear from you all soon! Keep on inspiring!

All the best,